License problem: expiry date in account manager deviates from my purchase

Feb 27, just now, I bought a year’s subscription that is offered as a new pledge. The email that acknowledged the purchase says correctly:

<Maintenance and support expiration date: 2020/03/28 (YYYY/MM/DD)>

But when I enter my page in I see this:
Plan Status: Active / Expiry: 17-Mar-2019

The same is shown when I enter the <Help / Manage License / Subscription> menu item inside the program. Along with, for me right now, a provocative addition in a blue square: Buy SketchUp !!!

And one more thing: Under the features listed for the subscription, it is boasted that support is provided both as email and by phone. I’ve clicked around the pages, but I can’t find any email address or phone number I can use.

Help me !! What should I do ?!

see this post:

Report back if succeeded!

Hello @teppen

“Maintenance and support expiration date: 2020/03/28 (YYYY/MM/DD)”

The term “Maintenance and support” suggests that you have probably paid for the M&S upgrade to your perpetual license and NOT for the new SketchUp subscription offering.

“Plan Status: Active / Expiry: 17-Mar-2019”
What you are seeing is the Active status of your subscription TRIAL. This trial will expire on March 17. After the expiration, the products not included in the classic sketchup offering will no longer work. Because you have the perpetual license, you should not see any disruption in using SketchUp, LayOut or StyleBuilder.

If you were to click on the Classic link at the top, you should see your existing 2019 license.

I hope this helps


Provided that you have added the classic license, off course!

@vixay when you add a classic license, the tab switches to the subscription, thus giving the user the expiring date of the trial.