License problem after drive failure

I have a license for SketchUp 2016 Pro. Recently, my hard drive crashed and I can’t install the license on the new drive because it was already on 2 computers (though one is now dead). I have zero luck getting anyone at SU on the phone to figure out how to resolve the issue.

Any suggestions?

Contact Customer Support directly for assistance.


I am assuming you mean through the website but I am having an issue there as well. When I enter all required info and click submit, the screen pops to the serial number field like something is wrong there and doesn’t actually send the support request.

Did you enter the serial number correctly?

I pasted it directly from the SU notice when the license was bought. I then noticed that the dashs between numerals and letters were omitted. After I added the dashs, I got the same thing.

Maybe contact sales and make a request to pass your request to Customer Support.

I have tried calling license support from the original receipt and the sales line. I never reach anyone. But it is usually late afternoon. I guess I need to try first thing at 8 in morning. :grin:

On Monday.

That’s what I meant.:joy:

Off topic but you are the best, sir. I used to log on as a different user but the associated gmail account was at a former job and was deleted. You have helped me on several different things while learning SU and different things. Now, I need to see if there is a way to reclaim models that I posted to 3D Warehouse.

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