License Activate the problem
Diddler grab bag view 502 status codes
When activated, the license server feedback 502 status codes, which is normal when using VPN. Is it blocked in China。

Is the intel hd the only graphic card?
Do you see the welcome screen?

It has nothing to do with graphics graphics CARDS. I believe that the problem of network connectivity between the entire China region and the sketchup license server has been submitted to the headquarters for inspection.

Version :sketchup pro 2018

Graphic cards can invoke interupts that can mess up the correct workings of the networkcard.
Do you see the welcome screen populates, or is it blanc?

launching SU the internet check tries to connect to a Google URI (for whatever reason instead of using the own “”) sothat if “” is blocked (by firewall or proxy) SU doesn’t start.

You can circumvent this for SU v2015 (and higher) by:

  • opening the file “C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 201#\resources\ < language >\i18n.dat” with a text editor (change # to version number / change < language > to used language code as e.g. “cn”)
  • go to the section “[ONLINE CHECK]”
  • change rhe entry “ONLINE_TEST_URL=” from “Google” to something working as e.g. “” (which needs to work anyhow for the prodcut activation) or a .CN website or your local intranet.
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thanks you for reply。
Regarding this problem, I have changed it to and set it

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And can you activate?

Were you able to resolve this and get Sketchup activated through a proxy?

This was resolved, as above but with a slightly difference procedure for Sketchup 2021, here: Which hosts/IPs to allow through Proxy for license authorization/activation - #16 by colin