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Hi Everyone’s,
Before subcribe I would like to be sure that I wont lose my 119 box paiement for the GO version if in a few weeks I want to get the Pro Package with an update. Did someone had this experience here ? and was it OK ? Many thks for your answers

I believe you pay the difference but the renewal date will then be the date you purchased SketchUp Go…

I was given a code that subtracted the price I paid for Go, and then I bought the sub for pro (which was indeed backdated to when I bought Go). And told to make sure and cancel my Apple Store go renewal so that it didn’t renew automatically in a year.

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This article gives you the steps to upgrade from Go to Pro:

As tweenulzeven says, your end of subscription date will be the same as it is now, but the rest of the year will become Pro instead of Go. You pay a proportion of the yearly cost, based on how much time is left in the subscription.

So for example, if you bought Go on September 1st 2022, then upgraded to Pro on November 1st 2022, here’s how the numbers would work:

10/12 * $299 = $249 (how much it would cost for the remaining 10 months to be Pro)
minus $119 you paid for Go

To change from Go to Pro after two months would mean paying $130. Then on September 1st 2023 you would renew Pro at the $299 rate.

The exact number might be slightly different, because of tax for where you are.