Layout too slow to use

If you asking me, yes, I think there’s something in LayOut that can be fixed.

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yes I was, thanks colin - but you mean by the devs not by me?

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By the LayOut devs.

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sorry @colin , I just reread and understand what you mean - if sketchup can render the image on the screen in a few seconds why can’t layout?

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LayOut is getting snappier, especially when you turn off snapping. Dimensioning however (with snapping on) , in particular with section cuts, is ssssssssssllllllllllllllloooooooowwwwwwwww. Unacceptable sssslllllooooowwww.

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I was thinking more of when you export an image from SketchUp. Then it has to render the whole scene to a large image, and it does it quickly. Also when you make new scenes, you do get a warning that making scene thumbnails can take a while, but it then goes on to make dozens of screen thumbnails in a couple of seconds. If SketchUp can make thumbnails that fast, LayOut ought to be able to as well.

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My sympathies Dan,
Unfortunately, you are certainly not the first, nor will you be the last, to “get broken” by LayOut!

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thanks @Beamer2 there’s some small consolation in that.

Can anyone comment on Revit LE as an alternative for me? I can of course get a trial and watch some tutorials but I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who uses both that and SU/LO

Layout is so flippin slow, honestly it’s so frustrating haha… I’m trying to make another cd set today and it’s a nightmare. It’s so slow that I’m on the forums hunting for a new fix that I know doesn’t exist, (trying anyways though). The speed of the program is so bad that sometimes it distracts me away from actually using it and trying to find a way in the forums to make it faster… Basically every time I use this program I am very frustrated…


But wait …
Didn’t Trimble just tell us in response to your great LayOut Petition that they were going to fix everything?
(Maybe I’m mistaken … But I really would like to see some sort of “Summary/Conclusion” statement about how the Petition really resolved …?). I kinda missed the last days of the LO Petition, when Trimble responded, and what they said … can anyone summarize the outcome of the LayOut Petition that so many of us contributed to?
Thanks in Advance!

Just go read the petition. It’s still up.

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Hi folks, I have to echo @lbandrews1 Layout is just to slow. When Layout is not thinking, its pretty good. Could be better but pretty good. The trouble is it spends way too much time thinking. It is too slow to load a file, to step between pages with viewports and to refresh on resizing a viewport.

I split my Layouts into smaller files, one for the cover sheet, another for a bunch of drawing pages, and yet another, and so on. I often run two computers with different subsections of my work.

When one instance of Layout is thinking, I would like to open another, but I cannot. All instances of Layout open in the same Window and in that Window I have a spinning wheel.

Often my models include entourage taken from the 3D Warehouse. I have heard the expression “bloatware”. However, Sketchup Pro is licensed as an integrated product of Sketchup, Layout 3D warehouse, extensions etc. All the parts need to work together. That includes Layout and the 3D warehouse.

My W10 computer - an i7 8700, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1080, a mix of solid state and hard drives.

Recently I have seen acknowledgements by the Sketchup Team recognising that Layout needs work. Please give us speed.

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I don’t think SketchUp should be responsible for the bloatware at the Warehouse.

Respectfully, in my opinion, that’s your responsibility.

Yes but Trimble should be fix Layout lags and issues
The 2021.1 version is the worst of them. 2 hours instead of 1 to make drawings !! I use Sketchup+Layout frim its start on 2000 and Layout had always encounter problems and lags

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Sorry, I’m being pendantic - Layout was released in 2007.

Yes Mogil,
That pretty much says it!
Tons of “Work Arounds” (such as your breaking work into many separate files, one of the work arounds I use every day) is unfortunately totally necessary to actually get any work done in a reasonable amount of time.
But WOW, actually running projects on two separate computers is a new milestone (at least to me) for “Work Arounds”! That is brilliant! And costly, and also very depressing … is this where we are all headed in order to just get a bare minimum performance out of this neglected program called LayOut??
Great job Trimble - all we have to do is buy TWO computers to get single performance out of your DOG program, LayOut … or maybe, at this point, it should it be called LayDown (and just Die?)
OK, so, yea … Congratulations to Trimble for “recognized” that LayOut is what we all know it is *** …
To stay dedicated to SketchUp (which we mostly really love, or we would not be here, caring) Trimble should know that we NEED LayOut, in order to complete the path from Design, to Construction. For SketchUp Pro users who utilize this software every day to earn a buck, we are kinda held hostage, waiting … and waiting … for LayOut to finally WORK!
Forgive my analogy (and venting), but it’s like we have 1/2 of a fantastic design software solution (SketchUp) - and we love the half that works so much, that we are willing to die on the alter of the other half (LayOut), just to drag our products to the finish line!
I, for one, am getting really tired of waiting. I want a clear declaration from Trimble on what they are actually going to do to improve LayOut, and when they are going to to it!
Who else feels this way?
Did the recent “LayOut Petition” really get us any tangible commitments (with timelines) from Trimble?

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hi, sorry your true… time is going on and yes I start with sketchup at its start on 2000 but Layout came after.
thanks for the remind:)


I’m running into this layout speed thing again… I have a fast computer setup, it’s not totally top of the line, but it’s 48gb ram, radeon rx 580 graphics, 2 nocturo cooling fans (not water cooled), a 8700 coffee lake cpu running at 5ghz. I know I have a good setup, I’ll be improving my graphics and ram at some point to be even better, but it’s good enough…

I can’t express how important and insightful this video is that talks about how to really get the most out of layout speed. I have seen this video before, actually twice. Now this is my 3rd time tonight. I was so upset by how slow layout has been acting for me tonight that when I came acrross this video again, I checked some settings of mine and had my settings wrong… Turns out once I fixed my settings according to this video, display resolution, auto render box off, etc, layout is WAYYYYYYYYYY faster, it’s quite fast and it’s quite snappy. I must often forget to not have these settings set or my template system is messed up and unoroganized on my end. I also think it helps to know how much useage you’re computer is getting. I am not a computer whiz, but I know that if my computer is on too long during the day, especially for those of you that have there computer on for more than a day (which I rarely do) restarting your computer can give it a great performance boost for many more hours of the day, so you can try that, and also try to be mindful of how many heavy ram intensive programs you have open, even a ton of google chrome tabs might make an impact too, especially youtube tabs or media intensive. Really worth it to give this video a watch and watch it again if you’ve already seen it and check those settings in layout and what you’re doing on your computer while using Layout. I actually have to say that I’m shocked how fast and snappy it is when I do all this (again) hopefully I’ll remember to do this more often now.

I hope this helps a number of people out.


Dave, Does the graphics card help Sketchup on the Mac side? I have a Radeon Pro Vega 20 4 GB running 2021 and 2d line work is painful. I have seen “workarounds” that are not reflective of how most of us design and create CD sets. I can post the file… Here’s a movie of my attempt to flip an arrow. I spent 5 minutes with no success

I do a lot of masonry and steel details and have few 3d components. His drawing sets are not set up for what I do… More like hospitality work… Lineweights are SUPER important… Rhino and Archicad?