Layout to PDF font issues

Ok. Thank you for the clarification. Meanwhile, I am with diki … it would be nice to get this resolved.

I’m encountering the same issue with my existing documentation. It is using a completely different font family than those listed here. Unfortunately my workflow has become rather reliant on having the option to print to a certain quality level afforded me during export to .pdf so I’m less inclined to use windows .pdf as that turns out completely unresponsive and/or creates a 0 kb file and my print to Nitro version creates a completely uncompressed file. I have 100’s of documents that unfortunately get tweaked and re-exported here and there and this is about to rock my world as during the most recent I’ve seen this result.

Left side is the layout file and the right is it exported to .pdf result. Those elements were literally duplicated so they are the same font and settings all around. No bueno =(

Make sure the file isn’t already open when trying to export via overwriting. I get that message a lot because for some reason my brain does a better job redlining my own work after an export in a .pdf editor then it does within layout (yep I’m coo coo) so I usually spot mistakes, fix em, and try to overwrite without first closing it down.

This was not related to having the document already open but I have had that from time time. We also tried this on another machine with the same problem. I did manage like I said to work around it but it is curious to have this issue to start with.

Any updates to this issue?

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Hi all, the update on this issue is that we have identified the problem and we are actively working on a fix for this. We hope to have it resolved soon.



That is fantastic to hear, thank you.

Is this issue related?

Anything outside a text frame gets eliminated from the PDF, despite it being visible in LO.

And this one?

Okay… so every single one of my layout files have now blown up and default to Arial. Many weeks of laying out pages across 100’s of documents is gone, have absolutely no idea why that would happen short of my deliberately uninstalling fonts in my windows system font folder which I certainly did not do. Layout no longer even finds that font family I was using in the fonts list despite my triple checking that it is installed on my system. I’m probably going to get fired thanks to this for not using an adobe product.

Attached image of my installed font family on left and Layout asking me to find the missing font and replace it on the right. :worried:

Is it an issue between ttf and oft fonts ?
Perhaps Layout needs the ttf installing ?
If the computer you are currently using doesn’t have that font-type [ttf] installed [available and used in the original Layout document], then Layout wants to substitute another font that is available ???
What file-type is ‘Gotham’ ? If it’s otf try installing and using the correct ttf ???

I have both versions of the font installed so layout has its choice but finds neither. All other app have no issue with finding the font whether Adobe or windows notepad. Definitely a layout specific issue.

I couldn’t confirm it but perhaps Gotham is a variable font? Do you have a separate font file for all the variations and weights that your screenshot shows? To me it seems that variable fonts aren’t working (There are discussions about Bahnschrift and another, I don’t remember the name). They don’t work in my Word or Illustrator CS5 either.

All other software on my pc including word have no issue. Only Layout and only within recent developing times is now having issues. (818.9 KB)

Does the font substitution happen on screen or only in PDF exports? There have been numerous font-related issues in the new version of the PDF exporter library included in v.2021. @trent & @adam , have you been looking at the font substitution issue too, or only the tab and spacing one?

The font issue where characters seem to be scaling or changing between my viewport and the final .pdf export was a separate issue until today. The last time I opened this file was Wednesday of last week when it did not have the missing font and was not prompting for a font substitution. At that point it was simply exporting incorrectly and only on certain parts. I had not performed any updates between Wed. of last week and today but in checking for updates it states I am up to date. This morning was the first time that Layout had decided that this font doesn’t exist on my system and seemingly unlinked it from my file. My font no longer appears at all in the viewport, it has all defaulted to Arial and exploded my world. So I am avoiding saving these files in hopes that a fix will link things back up and I don’t lose a substantial amount of time fixing, and I’m not exaggerating, 100’s of files some of which 40+ pages long.

Still having the font sizing issue with bulleted items. I was able to develop a work-around where I typed out page notes in Excel, imported, then exploded. However that’s more of a pain in the ass with the general notes page with multiple columns/boxes (which was working fine before). I attached a portion of my layout file and pdf export (too big to attach whole document) in hopes that it will help Sketchup resolve the issue.

General notes test page.layout (87.2 KB)
General notes test page.pdf (75.8 KB)

Okay … well through absolutely zero intervention of my own and in having only reopened the file, it not only doesn’t ask me for a substitution, the font has been fixed on all pages and the fonts themselves appear in the font list… I’m completely at all loss. Ever taken your car to the mechanic for a dinging noise only for it to not be present during their observation?

Edit: Font/Character scaling issue upon export to .pdf still persist, however I’m still quite happy to see it all “back”.

Part of my job is being the cad/bim guy to help my coworkers with their computer problems. I have often observed an “Anssi phenomenon”. I get called for help, and walk to stand behind the person needing help, and the problem has disappeared!

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Its back to not finding the font again… same file, no changes by me. Didn’t ask me to substitute the font this time… simply defaulted everything to Arial and told me to go suck an egg.