LAYOUT text special characters problem / auto text

I’m using mac OSX 10.10.2 with english language.
For local market projects I use Polish language in Laout’s design descriptions, and … when polish special charakters are used for auto-tekst custom text (ś,ć,ź,ł, … etc) - In result on page each time question mark is added?!
You can see example exmpl here:

Does the result change if you use a different font?

I haven’t been able to duplicate this issue yet - could you upload a small file that has the problem?


yes for all (polish) fonts
example autotext problem.layout (110.3 KB)

Yes, I’m seeing the problem now. It’s only a problem on Mac, not on Windows. I don’t have a workaround at the moment. But I filed a bug report for the issue, and we’ll take a look.


Ok, thanks
i have also an other topic, and recently found out strange workaround, but it is still strange.
Please have a look , I posted there twice



On windows I have the same problem but only with ą and ż letters.

When I type Right Alt + a I should type ą but Layout in this moment first delete all text in a frame and then type ą.

When I type Right Alt + z I should type ż but Layout in this moment delete same earlier words (not all text) and then sometimes type ż.

All remaining polish letter working OK.


NOW is Layout 2015 and Windows 10, but this was from Layout 2 and on Windows 98, Vista, 7

I have the same problem with unicode in Vietnamese.
Here’s the link: How to disable spell-check and auto correct function • sketchUcation • 1


I’ve just encountered the same problem which makes Layout impossible to work with. Does anyone managed to resolve it since the last post?
There are no apparent shortcuts like alt+a or alt+z in Layout, but these key combinations just deletes the already written text.

Please let me know if there’s any known solution…


Please, send request on this matter directly to support Trimble. For a long time this bug is not fixed :frowning: