Layout language Bugs

Hi, i have been using Layout for many years. But this issue still persists so I would like to report here.

  1. Layout have 25% chance to freeze while I’m using a Chinese keyboard (I’m using QUICK, by Microsoft, it’s not an external keyboard, and sometimes I use PINYIN). While the app is frozen, i can still click everything and they still flash normally when my mouse hovers over them, but they have 0 response so I need to force stop the app by cltr+alt+Dele.

  2. It occasionally happens in every PC i used so i guess it is not a hardware issue. And it did not occur every time.

  3. Second bug. When I type Chinese, there will be a word box that appears so we could choose the words. But when i type Chinese in Layout it has a 50% chance the box will only appear for 0.01s and disappear, so i can’t choose the correct word. This happened in other languages that require choosing words (so english or other latin language works fine, but not chinese/japanese etc) .

  4. Third bug, I installed some Chinese font, they are true to type, they are shown on the list, but it is detected as “English font” .when I use it to type Chinese, it doesn’t work, and it auto swap back to another default Chinese font, I think I can only normally use my Chinese font that has only Chinese font. I mean, if the Chinese font changes the appearance of the English letters but also Chinese word, it would not work in layout, if the font only changes the appearance of the Chinese but not English, i works fine.

please help and fix this bug thx

as you can see, i highlighted some Chinese words and change the font from a default font to another Chinese font (which works fine in other apps), and it only changes the english but not the Chinese, it detected the font as other english font