Freeze during text editing (sketchup layout 2021)

Hi everyone,

I have been running into the same problem for many times since I update the Layout from 2020 to 2021.
The problem is that the program does not respond to any click or typing and also it seems really weird.
Because even the task manager does not recognise the LO is not working. Usually when LO is dead, task manager tell me it is not responding. But at this case task manager tell me LO seems working.
And eventually then I have to force quit the program.

Does anyone have the same problem?

So far I had this happening more than 10 times. It is so annoying and seems that nobody talked about this in this community yet.

I haven’t see LayOut freezing during text editing in LO2021.

When you installed SketchUp and LayOut did you do so correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

Not here

During the time that LayOut isn’t responding, but Task Manager thinks it’s ok, do you get alert sounds from Windows when you click on the LayOut page?

I suppose that I just double click it and installed as I did SU 2020.
Does this sound not correct?

I will try reinstall anyway.

Thank you

No, there is no alert sound or beep. Everything working as usual apart from the LO2021 program which ignores me.

Thank you for your answer.

No. Using a double click to run the installer doesn’t grant the installer permissions to install certain files that are needed and it causes odd behaviors. There are many cases documented in threads here of unexpected behaviors that were cured by installing with Run as administrator or repairing the installation. I expect you’ve already done it but you can right click on the installer, choose Run as administrator and then choose Repair.

Hi DaveR

Thank you for your advice and I tried the reinstallation of SU 2021 by Run as administrator.
I did reinstall and have been using it for more than a week. Still I have same issue. Please see the image I have attached below.

This is the screenshot I took when the program becomes not able to respond to anything except for “End task” with task manager or “X close tab” from taskbar right click.
As you can see the screenshot, task manager could not recognize the program is not responding.