[Layout Tables] updating from excel issue with merging cells



Thanks for the addition of tables into layout it will make managing a drawing set much easier.
I’ve been testing the tables out for the last little bit and have found something annoying:

The merged cell information wont import from excel.

This wouldn’t be a problem as you can merge the cells in Layout, however, when you update the table from the reference file all of the merged cells unmerge…

This is a bit of a problem when you want to create tables of items with merged headings etc.
It happens with the “import Excel formatting” checked or unchecked.

Is it possible to get the merge cell information to import from Excel in a quick update? Or for the layout merged cell information to persist when you update from the Excel reference file?

I will give many smiles for such an update or someone pointing out what im doing wrong!




Hi Brendan, I am not sure why this would be happening to you maybe I am misunderstanding you. I have an excel file that does not have any merged cells. I insert this into LayOut, then in my Excel file I merge some cells. I then update the reference and the merged cells show up.

Is this the same thing you are doing?



Hi Trent,

Yes that is what I am doing. Except that the merged cells in excel are not showing up when import. Maybe it is my excel file as it’s an old one that has existed for a while. I will do some more testing tonight.

It’s good to know that you are not having the same result as I am. It means that I am doing something wrong and can get the results I need.