LayOut suggestion for 2019



now it´s already possible:
double click above the line (above any label text), when “open” the label text, click above the text box and dimension it as you want to.


Indeed that’s true.

Another feature request satisfied.




That is a great list!!


@ian.hartsook - thanks. Im keeping my fingers crossed. Some features on this thread are a nice to have and some have been missing forever!!! (rad and diam measurements are a particular bugbear for me).

Liking some of the improvements in 2018 - keep 'em coming Trimble…


Continuous dimension, like Autocad…


Like this?

There’s another feature request to cross off the list. This ones been available for a few versions.


Yes…how to do it?


After setting the first dimension where you want it, double click on each of the next points.


Very easy, Thanks!!!

Can the layout show the hierarchy of line thicknesses in the 2d drawing? (the more distant, thinner lines, the closer, thicker)?
In raster mode it seems to work, but not in hybrid and vector modes.


The number one thing slowing my workflow in Sketchup/Layout continues to be the overly complex and cumbersome relationship of SU scenes to LO viewport. Everything takes twice as much time as it should and will continue to untill Layout is finally given full control of the viewport. Why should I need to set up scenes in sketchup before creating a 2d document? Layout clearly has the ability to read the sketchup file as evident from opening a viewport and orbiting (which we are to understand should not be done). Allow me to make my own multiple viewports of my reference model with control of camera position, perspective, scale, style, shadows, etc. all from within Layout. Then have those viewports and options set in Layout persist through a model reference update regardless of any style changes made in sketchup. Set Layout free to be a true stand alone program, only referencing the raw geometry and textures of a given model.




It would be cool if you could associate a layer with stuff in the file.

For example, it would be nice if you could associate the dimension layer with dimensions you make. So when you use the match properties function it not only sets the properties you want but also will switch to the layer you want.


LO Request for dimension options of line character (types of dashes) for extension lines.

There are many times when I am dimensioning that I desire to dimension to a center line. Through the Dimension Tray and Style Tray there are lots of good options. One I would like to see added is the ability to differentiate the line character of Extension Lines (Left and Right) from Dimension Lines. I have attached a drawing, which was done by Exploding the dimensions and then changing the character of some of the Extension Lines.

Thanks for your consideration.


You don’t have to explode a dimension to be able to change the style of the extension lines, though. Just edit the extension line.

And if you want, you can set up a sample dimension with the extension lines and other features styled as you want outside the paper space and quickly apply that style to a dimension you’ve already inserted or to the next dimension to be inserted. In a case like your specific example, I would create two samples; one with the styled extension at the left and the other at the right end of the dimension.


Thanks so much, I double click all the time to adjust the lengths of the extension lines, will be very easy. Yes, two samples will work out great.
Your help is very much appreciated.


It would be nice if the tabs would get smaller, or at least have the option, to make them smaller as you open more files instead of them being pushed out of view.


This is handy, but I wish you could edit the tails as well.


I second this!


Measurement Box

Well I haven’t needed to use Layout 2018 since its update and

although loving the improvements and playing with the SCALED Drawing capability



who uses scales to adjust anything accurately -

let us type in a dimension like we do in SU…95% of the time

particularly now you have added scaled drawings in LO

. no wonder people tear their hair out with LO.

Even in SU we can override the scale command and type in a real dimension [but not in LO] sigh!

Do the LO team and the SU team work in the same building?