Layout::SketchUpModel set Camera Location?

I can not find how to determine / set the camera location for a Layout::SketchUpModel.

Is this possible?

I know how to change the “view”.
Layout::SketchUpModel are more complicated than the view…

By dragging the edges of a view with preserve_scale_on_resize = true, the camera location could be paned anywhere along the initialized scene camera plane.

You would need to change the scene’s camera in the SketchUp SKP that the LayOut viewport uses.

There are open request issues for lacking features of the LayOut API …
Issues · SketchUp/api-issue-tracker · GitHub

Thanks Dan, My intention is to post in the issue tracker.

I did not know if I was missing something and have posted stuff to the issue tracker that I did not not fully understand.

I will post it now.

Check to be sure there is not already an open issue about this.
(You can filter the issue list to see only the LayOut issues.)

ADD: Issued filed: