Layout Sideways Dimensions

Just when I think I am finally getting the hang of it, some gremlin changed everything in layout since I used it last week.

I am dimensioning a drawing and all my dimensions are sideways. I’ve tried to figure this out on my own. No luck.

Evidently you’ve changed the dimensins to be Vertical. Select the dimensions and change them to Aligned or Horizontal as you wish in the Dimension style panel. After you’ve done that, check to see that the Dimension Tool will place them correctly by getting the tool and checking the alignment.

What you’ve got:
Screenshot - 9_2_2022 , 1_50_12 PM

Probably what you want:
Screenshot - 9_2_2022 , 1_50_30 PM

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Thank you. I was hitting that icon and nothing was happening. I restarted Layout and now everything works fine.
Sorry, I tried to delete this post before I wasted anyone’s time.

Thanks again!

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It’s not good practice to delete posts after getting the solution.
Others can benefit from this by using the forums search option to get the answer just by searching for it instead of having to ask…