Layout scene panel is still broken, for how long?


(I’ll try my best English, sorry if I am making some mistakes !)

As many of you have probably noticed, layout’s panel seems to be broken since a couple of releases. To me, and regarding the older way, it’s working the opposite way it shall be :

To be able to control the camera on a viewport, while activating a scene, you have to make sure you checked “camera location” while creating/refreshing the scene.
Actually, in most of the case, that’s the OPPOSITE I expect from my scene : for instance, I’ll use a scene to activate some layers or section planes, but I don’t want the camera or any other unchecked properties to be changed.

If you dare creating a viewport from a scene with “camera location” checked and switch to a scene where it’s unchecked (it happened to me with a clipping mask onto the view, which may not help), you may not even be able to modify it, even after resetting all.

Is that supposed to be fixed ?

As we are discussing about when it will be back to normal (I do hope it’s a mistake somehow), I am asking this : why is it still impossible to activate a section plane directly into layout, and when revision clouds a line “style” will be implemented ?

I´ve had this too. I tried a workflow on a project recently where I didn’t save any cameras in my sketchup scenes, only tag and section setting. I thought maybe that would make my Layout viewports not move randomly about so much if I updated my scenes with a slight panning of the scene. That didn’t work… If there is no camera position saved to the scene, then nothing works in that Layout viewport, not the view settings, or scale setting, or the othografic setting. So there is just no way to set your viewport to a safe, stable and not error prone, but instead permanent position. You need to set a camera position for every sketchup scene in order for the Layout viewport to work, and you always need to remember to uncheck camera position every time you update the sketchup scene. Best to keep a written instruction list taped onto your computer screen to remember this I guess :-). Also; never use the update scene short command or the right-click scene pane option. Those will update all features of the scene and then you have work ahead of you moving everything back into place on your Layout page. Obviously this will need a fix.

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