having a very frustrating g time trying to export a a file on layout. I have a new machine and ive never had this problem before, My though is that my file is corrupt or there’s a firewall or something on my laptop not allowing exporting? Would anyone be able to take a look at my file and see if it exports?

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got going on. You might just need to turn off the setting to automatically render Raster viewports as Hybrid before you export.
Screenshot - 11_9_2023 , 3_37_52 PM

What operating system are you using? You put 2023 as the answer in your profile but that doesn’t tell us anything. It should either be some Mac OS version or Windows 10 or Windows 11.

thanks for the quick response its windows 11

heres a link to my file

Ive tried that button a few times … not really working. there is a yellow ! mark on my imported scene from SketchUp

You have to make the file accessible. I can’t download it the way you have it set.

That inidcates that the viewport needs to be Rendered but you’ve turned off Auto Render.