Layout - Mark section cut

Hello how do i add this dash/dotted offset line to mark the cut?

Actually this didn’t solve my problem.

I opened my sketch in layout but i cannot offset it. it only creates a new square on top?

Offset in LO only works on LayOut geometry. Use the Line tool in LayOut to trace the perimeter of your plan and then use Offset. Do this on a layer above the layer the viewport is on.

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oh alright thank you Dave!

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You could also offset in SU, isolate the line with a tag and make a scene in LO to render. If you do this with a template, you simply only have to do the offset once for each project (or more with revisions to the floor plan). This will be much faster then tracing in LO, unless this is a one time event. In Layout you never have to do anything since your corresponding template in LO would always render the scene…thus the importance of using consistent templates for both SU and LO that are tied to each other with proxy files.


Thank you guys I have managed to almost complete my construction documents now but Layout crashed and now for some reason the viewport square has a blue tint?

Do you know how to make it white again?


Share the LO file so we can see exactly what you have set up and give you the solution. My guess is the section plane is visible in the scene but that’s only a guess.