Layout "magic wand" tool?

I have just started using Layout for an office I started working at and I see that they fill manually the shapes of the sections and plans with layout native tools so they can change the filling colors and patterns. Since I worked before with archicad I know that I had a tool (the magic wand tool, similar to the one in photoshop) that would automatically detect the drawing and create the shape without me having to redraw everything again. Is there something similar I could have in Layout? An extension of some sort?
Thanks in advance!

No magic wand.

What exactly are you trying to do…?

I would like Layout to automaticaly detect the shape/perimeter of an object in my drawing file so it would save me the work of redrawing everything like this:
magic wand

Copy/paste the Viewport, right click and explode the viewport to a drawing and then (inside the group it creates) select the linework you want.