Is automated drawings possible?

I’ve been drawing all my DIY projects with pen and paper, but recently decided to go virtuel with my drawings. I’ve got loads of experience in Revit and Autocad, but my skills in Sketchup are still very limited :slight_smile:
I’ve been wondering if there is an automated way to set up my components in Layout. At the moment I’m doing scenes which is showed in viewport in Layout, but all of this has to be done manually.
Isn’t there a way to tell Skecthup that I want a Layout drawing showing each of my components (maybe from all sides)?
My projects are pretty small (furniture, lamps etc.) but I can imagine larger projects having the same issue as I.
Thanks for any reply that can get me closer to a easier way of setting up my drawings! All the time saved I will use sending my helpers good thoughts :slight_smile:
Take care, Jonas

You need to have a system. Check this:

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