Layout - Fill Feature request

Hi There,

I am wondering how complicated it would be to add a feature to the FILL tool.

I am always struggling to make a hole/opening in a FILL. Ideally, it would work like a solid tool and it could also have a magic wand option to fill out areas between lines. (I am coming from ArchiCad and this latter tool is one of the drafting tools I miss very much in Layout, even if it does not work seamlessly all the time in ArchiCad.)

In the attached picture, I created the hole by adding a fill (light grey matching the background colour) on top of the base fill (black).

In many cases, this technique can not be used and it can be quite a long process to work around the problem.

Thank you for listening.

Holes in shapes has been requested before. There are work arounds but hopefully it’s a feature that will get added. Of course it won’t happen in LayOut 2022 at this point.

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