Layout - letters g, j and y are 'scalped' when using size to fit

In Layout I noticed (already a few years) that the letter g, j and y are ‘scalped’ a tiny bit when using size to fit. See pic.Always manually resizing the text box but would be nice if this would be fixed at some pint. Win 10 + LayOut 2024

It does look as if it could use a tiny bit leading added to the bottom for those longer descenders. It’s a challenge because it’s different for different fonts.

What happens if you add a default 1 or 2pt paragraph spacing after…?



That works to add a little space below the text. Might be the best solution since it can be adjust for different fonts. Wouldn’t need it with Lexend Deca for example.

Adding 1 after works. Never knew that menu existed - thanks!

It is different indeed. I use Segoe ui and thats not used by a lot of people but its also the case for Arial and that’s fairly common (in the Netherlands).

These are two that I have to use for one client. Note on the top one the descenders on the p and q are longer than for the g, j, and y. And on the bottom one there’s enough space without adding any.

Others that I commonly use have almost too much space below the descenders.

Edit: it is a nice solution if you just have one line of text. But for text blocks it takes too much extra space because every line in that text block gets that extra 1 pt of space. That also looks a bit weird to me. So for now, I just resort to manually scaling text blocks after using size-to-fit.

Yes – if every line in the text block is a new line separated from each other line by a return.

But not if the entire text is continuous with no returns.

In most cases, I do need the enters though. Its for adding text next to the details. See pic.

Interesting – I do those as separate text boxes.