Layout lag due to unpurged SketchUp text?

SAMPLE_unpurged text.skp (46.6 KB)
I’ve been having some Layout lag issues (mostly LO 2018, but also 2021), and as far as I can tell the lag seems to increase when I show a large number of text instances in the model info statistics window. Most of the models are very basic 2d plans and elevations (literally rectangles, not sections) with no SU text.

For reference, I’ve uploaded a model with everything deleted, and “purge unused” clicked. The statistics window still indicates 1098 instances of Text. I can’t figure out the phantom text.

Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!

The text is probably off at the edge of the universe because the objects they were linked to was deleted. Hit Ctrl+A to select all and then press Delete.

Yes, that solved it. Thank You!