Layout import table data through api


I am working on an extension that automates some work in Layout. One of the things I need to realize is the creation of a table. Currently, I create that one manually (well, still automated since it is code, but…). However, I am looking for a solution that lets me import table data, just like the UI allows you to do, but through the API. The reason is simply the fact that afterwards, the user could update that data whenever the source changes.

Maybe @adam knows a solution?



hmm… I don’t see anything either in the docs… but I’m not that familiar with the LO API.
Adam will know.

I noticed some private CSV methods… but I guess they are ment to be private :slight_smile:

@kengey I’ve got some bad news for you - the current LayOut API doesn’t expose importing table data from external files, which is how you would generate the appropriate file reference. That file reference is necessary to enable the auto update from external files. There is a technical hurdle in exposing that method in the API that we haven’t tackled yet.

We also have not yet exposed the file reference class itself in order for you to create your own references.

I’ll note that this missing feature in the API has been requested.

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@kengey I suggest opening an issue in the tracker at GitHub so there is a public thread filed for discussion also. (Ie, desired features etc.)


Will do

EDIT: done: the current LayOut API doesn’t expose importing table data from external files · Issue #306 · SketchUp/api-issue-tracker · GitHub

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+1 on this one!