Layout for a dummy


I want to start drawing in Layout. In SKetchup, you can insert a surface, draw the lines, remove the surface and then rescale. I can’t find this option in Layout?

Also, if i draw from scratch, i need a line in a certain angle. I don’t find how i can change that angle to the correct degrees.

I know, beginners issues, but i have to start somewhere. Yesterday night i have been trying for over four hours to just get the floorplan of my building and i have still have a white sheet in front of me…

Start at

Model in SketchUp, send it to LayOut.

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Can I make a 2D model in sketchup and send that over? I do not want to make a 3D model everytime a have to draw a gardenplan…

Draw directly in Layout using the scaled drawing feature…

Thanks for the tips! I now see how i can make my angles correctly. I will restart and work with scaled drawing.