Layout - exporting to Autocad creates invalid reference names

Hi Chaps,

When exporting to an Autocad file Layout is creating invalid reference names, the images do display but you run into issues when binding drawings. This is due to Layout using “/” characters in the name given to the image during export. For an example see attached images.

Illegal characters are highlighted

Edited to remove “.” which is not an illegal character.

(sorry to reply, can only link to one image)

If you try to rename the reference and leave the illegal characters in then you get the following;

meaning you have to go through the entire xref list stripping them out which is very time consuming.

Hope you can fix / change this :smile:

The dialog does not list a period or forward slash as illegal. (Just sayin’)

So must the images be in the same directory as the DWG ?

Forward slash is listed as illegal, its the 4th character from the left (assuming you missed it). Period agreed looks fine (my bad)

The images can be located anywhere, each attached reference within Autocad is assigned a name and a path. This isn’t a path issue its a reference name problem.

Yea I did miss it. Looked at that 6 times at least. My eyes are getting worse.

So it seems the “ref name” and “path” are two separate attributes, that are being confounded.

Hi Dan,

Yeah the path is fine, as you can see the image is loaded but the name that has been given to it (highlighted) includes the “/” character which it bad and causes issues when binding the drawing.