Layout Export to PDF includes overlapping geometry

When exporting to PDF, I see ghost lines in the export that are not present in the Layout File or viewports. See images attached. LAYOUT-VIEW for screenshot in LO, and LAYOUT-EXPORT for printed result. Any advice is appreciated!


I experienced something similar recently. Strangely - it only happened when the PDF Export ‘Output Resolution’ was set to Low or High but not when it was set to Medium?

Either you are using “clipping” instead of a section plane to create your interior elevation views, or your model is far(-ish) from the SketchUp model origin point. In either cases, making do with a Raster rendered viewport instead of Hybrid would help, or, in the first case, adding a section plane, and in the latter case, moving the model to the origin.
Also check if Output Override is turned on.

I had a “clipping view” rather than a section cut… changing this fixed the issue! Thanks!