Layout Etransmit?



Hello SketchUp Community,

I am doing some architectural construction documents in Layout and was wondering if there was a way to ‘etransmit’ a layout file. I basically want to grab all the linked Sketchup models, Images, and font types so I can use it on multiple workstations. I browsed the forums and have not yet seen this topic discussed. Thank you in advance for your insight.




What about using something like Dropbox?

Although, if I remember correctly, when you send a Layout File, all the information is embedded in it, so it will open somewhere else. You wont’t be able to access the Sketchup Model though to make any changes.

So, I’m thinking something like Dropbox, where all the relevant files can be uploaded to give you full access at the other end.



As Michael suggests, use Drop Box or you could use Trimble Connect which is designed for this sort of thing. Upload the LayOut file you are working on to the cloud (don’t save it directly to the cloud) and then download it to the other computer to work on it. After saving your changes, upload it back to the cloud either to replace the older version or as a new one.

As for editing the SketchUp file, if needed, you can edit the embedded SKP file by opening it from LayOut. If you need to do so later when you get back to the office, open the LO file and extract the modified SU file to replace the old one or save it as a newer revised version if you want to have the SKP file available without opening the LO file.


Thanks for the input guys,

The Dropbox option seems interesting, sort of like a cloud based system. However this opens up an entirely different set of issues with internet connectivity, navigating the security portals, and ultimately the ownership and controls those files. It seems much simpler to run the “old fashioned” way of putting everything on a thumb drive and copying it over.

I just noticed the temporary links that Layout stores and carries with it. It is helpful that they are carried over with the layout file, it just becomes a pain with the file management. i.e. relinking files, copying the files to the proper folders etc. I can manage, it just burns time.


A thumb drive has the benefit of not requiring an internet connection so it’s got that going for it.

There shouldn’t be any “temporary” links to reference files. The references should be linked to files in folders other than temporary files. Most likely in some project folder on your computer. Links to temporary files can and will become corrupted when the operating system does maintenance. If you aren’t linking to non-temporary file locations, you should unlink and embed the files into the LayOut file so that LayOut won’t go hunting for those temporary files.

FWIW, the LayOut file includes copies of any reference files you have inserted in the project or that may be included in your template. That includes SketchUp files as well as text files, spreadsheets, images, and CAD files. This makes it so you don’t need to include copies of those files with the LO file just to be able to work on the LO file elsewhere. As mentioned before, though, it means that if you edit the embedded version of the file, it will no longer match the original.

If you are going to use a memory stick for moving your files, you might just plan to keep a project folder that includes the original reference files and copy that whole thing to the memory stick. If you make changes to it away from your office, you can just replace the old files with the updated ones when you get back.