Layout Document Setup Won't Open After Some Random Time

I’m on the latest 2023 release on the latest Windows 11.

I can be working in Layout and will have been opening Document Setup a few times and then it won’t open ever again unless I restart Layout.

The time I get being able to open Document Setup or the number of times I open and close it seems random.

Just now I opened Layout and Document Setup was set to check references on Layout open.

The file opened and I closed down Document Setup and now it won’t open and I just started my morning work.

If I have a number files open for a project, having to close Layout and then reopen each one is a pain.

OH… just enable Reopen files from last session I hear you say.

Well that doesn’t work because there is a bug – the json file just keeps adding previous files to the list and that list may have 100s of previous files and Layout will attempt to open all of them !