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Saved a layout file this morning. Reopened it and all of my pasted images are now gray boxes with red x’s. These images were copied and pasted from other layout files or cut from pdf files. This has happened before. The backup layout file has also lost all the reference links. Does anyone know how to prevent this?UGA shop dwg.layout (1.6 MB)

How did you insert those reference images into LayOut? With Copy and Paste? Look at File>Document Setup>References. Drag the window out so you can see the entire path for the references and share a screen shot of that.

While you’re here, please complete your profile with SketchUp version/license type, operating system, and graphics card.

You see all those references that include TEMP in the path. That’s commonly done via copy and paste. So you are create a reference that is guaranteed to get deleted. The correct work flow would be to put images in a non-temporary folder and then use File>Insert to add them into your LO project. This will give them a reference that is not going to be deleted by the operating system during its regular maintenance.

I create a project folder which would include the SketchUp file(s), LayOut file, and any images or other references I might be adding.

For title block images such as logos, those get inserted and them unlinked immediately so there is no external reference.

Thanks. I’ll set up a folder and paste the images. However, my company logo is inserted from a “not temporary” folder and it often loses the link. Any other possible solutions?

Don’t use Copy and Paste. Use File>Insert.

If you copy and paste you are still creating a temporary file location. Use File>Insert. And as I wrote before, unlink the logo image in References so LayOut won’t look for the image except internally.

I updated the logo. see attached

Thanks DaveR. I’ll work on this file with your direction.

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Good luck.

FWIW, I have never had the gray rectangles in any of my own LO files but I’ve always used File>Insert to add them and made sure I wasn’t creating temporary references. I was curious how many LayOut projects I’ve done. On one hard drive there is 1139 unique LayOut files. I had no idea.

I will add that I poked through your LO file a bit and was pleased to see that none of the viewports I clicked on showed modified scenes. :slight_smile: