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Hi folks!

I made a LO file with about 12 pages with both, Sketchup models and JPEGs inserted. It worked fine last evening when I left. This morning I opened it and there were large Gray boxes with red crosses in place of all the JPEGs. The only way I found to get them back was to paste the images again, which is taking up a lot of time. I know this topic has been put up before but I didn’t see a resolution to it on the forum.

I read somewhere that it could happen because of less space in LO. Don’t know what that means or where I can free up some space from.

Any help would be appreciated!



The gray boxes with the red X mean that the reference files are missing. Look at File>Document Setup>References. The links to the reference files will be shown. If they are shown as missing, the best thing would be to select each file and relink to it. If you moved the image files to a new location, you would get the missing references like that.


Thank you @DaveR,

Well I don’t always save the image file anywhere. If I have to put an image of a map for instance, I just use snipping tool and copy and paste from Maps to LO.
I don’t need the image anywhere else so it seems like a waste of precious few seconds to save them.

Is this not recommended?


No. That’s not a good way to work with LayOut. It is best to save the image file to a directory and then use File>Insert to place it in the LO doc. You can use Drag and Drop, too. If you don’t want to save the external references after that, you can choose to embed the images in References.

Also, in case you are doing it, do not drag and drop views from SketchUp into LayOut. That will create even bigger problems.


Wow, I had no idea.

Thank you!


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