Layout dimension leader line controls

Hi to the developer team.
I’m aware that Sketchup 2018 will be released soon (I heard November) so I hope this is not too late.
We are an architecture practice with 15 pro licences. Heavy users.
We use Sketchup Pro to both design and document dozens of houses per year.
The Layout dimension tool requires a major improvement in the leader line controls (or lack thereof) to make it an efficient tool.
We are very happy that you’ve been able to dynamically link the 2017 Layout dimensions to the model scene viewport. Great leap forward.
Unfortunately, unless you want a mess of long leader lines from snapping point to dimension line, there is no way other than to manually double-click into the dimension and pull the leader to the length you want for each dimension. HUGE problem.
At least in 2016, we could drag a line around a string of dimensions and pull the grouping backwards to shorten the leaders to roughly the same small strikethrough length.
In architecture, you end up with string after string of dimensions so there can’t be leaders crossing through each string.
I am sincerely hoping release 2018 comes with an option to set the length of the leader, or at least style it so it’s just a simple strike-through and not a long line. Please guys, we are begging you.

Developers, Please feel free to email me directly to provide examples.
You have a fantastic product which we have been happily using and evolving as the years roll by. We now depend on it more than ever.

Anthony Dann

Associate and Architect

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