Layout crashes when creating a new doc in Mac OS10.10



When launching LO or creating a new doc after opening an existing doc LO freezes. Anyone?



Check or change your default template and see if anything changes.


Thx Barry for your assistance. I tried every variation of the preference choices: the new doc would load and the template/new doc parameters box would show for an instant and then disappear leaving a doc with all of the tools in the tool bar greyed out and inaccessible. To close the program I had to force quit the program even though it was showing up as a program that was running and not locked up.




Of course, when you crash, none of your preferences are saved. :frowning:

You can launch any app safely (don’t open previous documents) by holding down shift and double clicking on the LayOut icon. This will NOT open previously opened documents, even if you have it unchecked (default) in System Preferences->General->Close Windows when quitting app.


Thx Barry, I’ll give it a go…


Barry, I’m on a mac running 10.10.1
It didn’t work.