Layout component instance unlinking

Does anyone know why component instances sometimes unlink from the model like in this screenshot? It only happens sometimes. I haven’t re-saved the SketchUp model or adjusted anything in the model since last opening. Thanks!

Screenshot attached

Hi Emma,

It looks like it is the labels that have disconnected from the model. Do they reconnect if you select them and right click on one to choose Reconnect? Is the text being pulled from the model or did you manually enter the text?

Can you send me the LO file?

Yes, thank you! Is there a way to lock them so they don’t do this anymore? haha

You could right click on them and Convert Auto-Text to Text.

Thanks so much Dave! Appreciate it!

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This happens a lot. I think it is because the SU drawing gets changed (even if to a small degree) and then something in the linking process gets lost. As @DaveR has hinted, if you right click on one of them it is often possible to relink but it doesn’t always work (and it is rarely clear why not). It would handy for the system to recognize where links have been lost and offer to relink all that can be as a single operation.

I have found that it doesn’t print out the way it looks, so if you’re sure it is all still correct, you could just ignore it.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!