[Layout] Close all documents

Something silly, which I did not find any information in this forum.

When you have several documents open in Layout, is there a way to close ALL of them?

Currently, closing a single document is already cumbersome

  • No shortcut by default
  • No close button in the Tab

So you have to invoke the menu entry Close in the File menu or right-click on the document Tab.

just to be clear, beyond quitting layout right ? you want to close all opened documents but keep layout open ?

then yeah. it’s one by one

cmd-w on mac :sunglasses: will always close a window while cmd-q will quit the app. even in Layout and sketchup.

But you’re right, weirdly enough, most daily softwares on my PC will do the same with ctrl-w (firefox, explorer…) but not Layout and Sketchup. I get why in SU, each file has its own instance, but I agree with you, layout needs the standard shortcut + a small X to close the tabs. like a browser.

Thanks for confirming that there is NO solution. The feature does not seem to exist…

The best would be to have a Close All entry in the File menu.

And in the contextual menu, you could even have more options like these ones


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Command-Option-W does close all LayOut documents without quitting LayOut, on Mac. There isn’t even a keyboard shortcut for closing one LayOut document on Windows, though of course you could add one.

Even if it would rarely be useful to close everything and leave LayOut open, having a Close All would be reasonable.

Here are the options in Chrome, that could be applied to any tabbed application, including LayOut on Windows:


Anyway, I’m sure @trent will know if this is already logged as a feature request.

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