No "close" option listed in "File" drop down

I do not have the option to “close” a file only “Exit” the program. “Close” normally is part of the “File” list in other programs. Please advise.

Are you going to sleep tonight anyway ? :slight_smile:

it is not possible to open multiple files in one sketchup instance. One instance per file >> no close, just exit.

Mr. Paul,
This is what keeps me awake at night ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

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…on Windows. For what it’s worth, the Mac desktop version of SketchUp supports opening many files concurrently. I don’t recall if the File menu has a Close function; I always use the Mac-UI red dot in the corner of the window (or the Command-W short-cut) to close a window.

Hello Tdahl, I read user summary before answering a question, it is way faster than wondering if it can be applied to every others !

Yep, that’s fine. The user’s profile indicates they are a Windows user, so your initial reply was great. I just felt like mentioning the difference on other platform.