Close a model

How can I close a SketchUp model without closing SketchUp in a Windows OS. I do not see a Close command in any of my menus.

I have tried searching the SketchUp Community sight for an answer.

A friend who also has SketchUp for Mac has a Close command.

Mel Persin

SketchUp on windows runs a different instance for each model. Closing that model is the same as closing SketchUp.

How do I close each model. I have tried to find a method, none shows in the upper right corner of the application window as in most Window title bars, i.e. minimize, maximize and close. When I pick the red X in the upper corner to close the file it also closed down the application window.

Mel Persin

You can save the SKP file and then click on File>New if you want. That’ll close the file without closing SketchUp.

Actually I was not interested in saving some of the files.

Mel Persin

Then just click File>New and when asked to save the changes to the current file, choose “No.”

Or… if you don’t want to use mouse-clicks press Ctrl+N for New, then [if prompted] press N - for No Save, or the equivalent shortcut[s] in your locale.


I do not get that dialog box you show in my Windows version of SketchUp Pro. Is there something wrong with my installation?

Mel Persin

Have you actually modeled anything in SketchUp before hitting File>New or Ctrl+N?

try this: Open SketchUp, draw a rectangle, hit File>New. What happens?


Thanks for replying. I did what you instructed and yes I get that dialog box you showed and picked No and the rectangle I had drawn disappeared. When I saved the rectangle and selected new it opened a new file. From this I figured that SketchUp will not support having multiple files open concurrently but closes the current file upon selecting new.

Mel Persin

I think the issue here is that you are expecting it to work like a MAC ?

On a MAC opening SketchUp [or any SKP model] creates one “instance” of SketchUp.
In this “instance” every SKP opens and runs, so closing a SKP does not close SketchUp.
You must choose to do that quite separately, closing SketchUp will close all current SKPs.

On a PC it works differently.
Opening SketchUp from its exe, or opening a selected SKP file via a Windows file-browser, then it either opens a new ‘empty’ model using your default Template, OR it opens the selected SKP.
This instance of SketchUp is devoted to just that one model.
If you open another model from within that instance of SketchUp - either using File > New, or selecting a SKP from a SketchUp file-browser - then the preexisting model is either discarded, or it it has been changed but not saved you are first prompted to save it, before the second model opens.
So in this scenario there is only ever one model in one SketchUp.
BUT if you open another instance of SketchUp whilst it already has an instance open - e.g. by double-clicking its exe icon again, or by opening a SKP model through a Windows file-browser - then a second instance of SketchUp is created for that second model.
In this way you can have several SketchUp instances open, each of them running their own model separately…

[quote=“melarch, post:10, topic:74971”]
From this I figured that SketchUp will not support having multiple files open concurrently…[/quote]

It appears you’ve mis-figured. As TIG says, you can have multiple instances of SketchUp open at one time. As proof, this screen shot shows three separate SketchUp files open at the same time.


Once again my sincerest thanks for your help. I am an expert in Autodesk products as AutoCAD and Revit, but working on learning SketchUp.

So I can open multiple sessions of SketchUp, but not multiple SketchUp drawings in the same session. Ok, I can work with that.

One last question if you do not mind? Another issue I have faced is when exporting 2D SketchUp to AutoCAD R13 the scale is off as illustrated by the dimensions shown from the SketchUp model. I can always rescale the line work in AutoCAD, but is there a problem with exporting to DWG and maintaining the correct size of the SketchUp 2D model?

Mel Persin