Layout beginner help with layers

Hi. I must be inadvertently be creating a new layer every time I draw and object, and I am struggling to visualise them all at once.

Are there any manuals one can consult?

Any pointers will be appreciated!


Oops… just found the very comprehensive Help menu… still, any pointers while I read up? Tks!

Try the Sketchup learning centre - - and follow at least Sketchup Essentials.

Thank you John. I am a bit embarrassed about calling out for help before doing the basics! Thanks for the feedback! J

checkout Justin Geis

Nothing to be embarrassed about, if you don’t know where even to find the basics. No such thing as a silly question, in my view - usually you ask it when you don’t know, and find others would have liked to ask but didn’t have the gumption to do so.