LayOut ARC export dxf/dwg error

See attached image.

DWG/DXF exporting arcs which was drawn unti-clockwise have a problem.

LayOut 2018 M0
MacBookPro 15inch 2017
macOS HighSierra 10.13.5 beta2

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So, basically clockwise is ok.

What application are you using to view the file? Can you post the LayOut file and the DXF? Are these drawn in LayOut or SketchUp?

Hi, Anssi.
Here is ziped test files. (125.5 KB)

LO_ARC_ORIGINAL.layout → draw arc with layout command
LO_ARC_EXPORT.dwg → dwg exported file
LO_ARC_EXPORT_BUG.layout → I made bug report with LayOut :wink:

I opend dwg file by Autocad mac 2018.1 (beta testing version)
I also tested by Draftsight mac 2018 SP0, it was same result.

Hi genki_tt, we had introduced a winding issue with 2018 that had inadvertently effected our dwg exporter. This is a known issue and is being addressed.


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