Layout 22 Dimensions moving after update

Our office just updated to '22 and we are experiencing dimensions in layout moving, changing sizes and changing styles when updating model references. The most frequent is the justification of dimensions changing from vertical to horizontal after updating the referenced model.
Currently models were originated in '21 and we are updating due to modeling revisions that we need to represent. I’m not sure yet if models generated in '22 have the same issue.
Any idea what the issue could be?

I haven’t seen the dimensions change justification or orientation after updating the model reference. I have seen dimensions get screwed up when the user has modified the Camera settings in the SketchUp Model panel or opened the viewport to move the camera and then later hit reset.

It would be interesting to see a sample file in which this happens for you. If you see it happen share the LO file without saving it in LO2022.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share files publicly due to company policy. I might be able to send them to you privately if that would help but not on the forum. Also, the files are already both updated to '22, but updating the model reference throws dimensions for a loop. See screenshots of the issue below. Prior to model update they were all linear and placed that way with object snap, but after updating they shift, some of them even going completely off the page.


Also, we set scenes in the model early on and they are very rarely edited from that point on. Layout is still referencing all scenes correctly and they have not been edited in the SU or LO files.

This is common when either the viewport has been edited to move the camera or when a part of the model to which the dimension is anchored has been moved.

The other changes to the dimensions are not something I’ve seen in LO2022 even when updating references in files done years ago.

So no Reset buttons in the SketchUp Model panel when the viewports are selected?

Camera position is a property saved with the scenes in SU?

Layout is clunky enough without editing scenes in it, all of our scenes are set in SU and we only use viewports to view what SU sees. SU scenes are parallel projection and set to standard views (right, front etc.)
I’ve seen strange things happen before to a single model/layout and was able to revert and find ways around it but this is happening across the board to all of our projects since the '22 update. My only thought is that we have a newer guy doing the dimensions and I was hoping it was some way that he was setting them up because it is only dimension that are breaking.
Nothing model-wise changed that the dimensions would have been anchored to, I am familiar with that happening and it’s not the case.

It’s good that there’s no Reset button in the Camera section.

I guess since I can’t see your LO file I haven’t got anymore for you. Sorry. All I can say is I’ve been using LayOut since the first version (before it even had a Dimension tool) and I’ve never seen dimensions change as they seem to be doing for you.

Thanks for the help! Hopefully someone else will have some insight. I can’t find anything at all on the forum related to this issue so I’m pretty sure it’s something in the way we are working on our end.

Got to say that I have seen this happen numerous times for me in 2020 & 2021. I follow the best practice of setting the scene and viewport and then never touching them again. I just attributed it to a quirky LO thing that dimensions would jump away from each other like in your image.

DaveR…I’m trying to figure out how touchy this is…if I set a viewport in LO and then, while running thru the scenes in SKU, happen to zoom/scroll wheel into a scene just a bit or a lot but forget to hit the scene tab again to return it to it’s previous state, will the next file save see that scene with a new position which throws off the dims and notes in LO?

I think layout is going to read the “scene tab” view as long as it’s not set to “last saved sketchup view” I was able to get around it right now by saving down both the sketchup and layout files then updating the model reference. Voila, the dimensions didn’t move… but, I had to reset some, but not all, of my section cuts in the model. Not sure why some stayed active while others didn’t. Also in the save down, some layers (tags) didn’t retain in some scenes, but not all scenes.

Do you mean editing the camera position within the viewport? If so, correcting that after adding labels and dimensions could wreak havoc on the lables and dimensions. How much havoc depends, of course, on how much change you’ve made. There’s a preference setting for allowing editing the SketchUp viewport which is normally disabled so you can’t do that but if you’ve enabled it, you have to be very careful.

My advice, which comes from years of seeing the results after other uses have screwed up there viewports is to leave editing the camera in LO disabled and to never do anything that results in a Reset button in the Camera properties section. I learned that in the first version of LayOut that included dimensions and labels and have strictly followed my own advice since then. I’ve never had screwed up labels or dimensions since then.

It will unless you override the scene settings in the SketchUp Model panel.

So far I’ve had no problems with 2021 to 2022.

I have projects that have spanned my transition to 2022.

A few years ago I had viewports doing odd things for no apparent reason ( never any dimension issues ) and after getting feedback from DaveR on this forum, I worked out that it was down to me and some sloppy settings in SU.

As soon as I addressed that the problems disappeared.

For sure there have been some specific issues with new versions of Layout and for the most part they have been fixed but, as DaveR says, without the Layout file or if no one else comes forward with a similar problem then there’s not much this forum can do to help… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here’s a simple example of how things can get balled up when you modify the Camera settings in LayOut. Here I’ve deliberately used a copy of the viewport of the entire shed to make a view of one of the trusses in my garden shed. Then I added the dimensions and labels.

Then I hit the Reset button.

The labels and dimensions are still anchored to the same points of the model but that part of the model is outside of the viewport.

I think the idea of being able to edit the camera settings in LayOut can be useful for one-off documents that you’ll never need to go back into after modifiactions to the SketchUp file(s). For my projects that kind of thing is few and far between so…

I have experienced the issue with text anchored to objects and then changing the model and the text goes haywire. However, that isn’t the issue here. I can confirm that because simply saving the models to a previous version and then updating doesn’t change anything. So it must be some way that '22 reads the model differently than previous versions. I am working with round objects (pipe) almost exclusively so maybe '22 references text anchored to rounded edges differently than previous versions. I haven’t noticed any dims on rectangles or square objects changing the way it does with pipe.

If I understand this, then my experience is that if I inadvertently zoomed/scrolled/orbited a little and then save, IF I haven’t done a scene update Layout is not affected.

Of course clicking the scene tab resets the scene to how it should be ( that’s if I didn’t update the scene ).

I think this is my issue probably and therefore I need to start my own thread on this issue when it happens again. I don’t think my issue relates to the OP.

With the change to the Reset buttons, selecting the scene in the SketchUp Model window or the Context menu won’t update the overrides you’ve made. You’d need to Reset or Reset All to reset to the scene.

That also applies to switching scenes when you copy a modified viewport.