Layout 2023 Viewport Zoom Extents Includes Origin

Recently switched from sketchup 2021 to 2023 but i’ve discovered an issue that is going to make 2023 very difficult for me to use.
I’ll preface this by saying 95% of my work does not require a scaled drawing. Making effective use of page space is far more important to me than being scaled.
When inside a viewport, using the ‘zoom extents’ button in the right click menu, zooms to include the origin point of the model as well as the currently shown model.
Often the part of the model i am working with is not exactly at the origin so it zooms so the model is skewed to one side of the viewport.

See the below screenshots of this behavior after using the ‘zoom extents’ button.

Is this behavior intended? If so i’ll probably have to switch back to SU 2021.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Share your LO file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

You should be setting up scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports in LayOut instead of clicking into the viewport to set the camera position.

test.layout (110.5 KB)

See the layout file i used for that test piece.
Setting each scene with camera positions correctly in sketchup would be very inefficient for how i use it. Often i have upwards of 60 scenes each needing different views/angles. It’s much quicker for me to do this in layout than sketchup.
Like i said scale is not important for me in this application, getting the information across that i need to as quickly as possible in as few pages as possible is my priority.

As long as you are aware of the problems you are opening yourself up to by doing that, have at it.

My advice has nothing to do with scale.

If you’re using the Last saved SketchUp view for your viewports you’ve got a potential for creating quite a mess. Up to you, though.

I do see that Zoom Extents does screw up your viewport. Maybe @adam has some feedback on that.

Ah sorry i might have misinterpreted what you were meaning.
I do use scenes to set what tags i want visible and do switch between them in layout when changing from one part of a model to another as required. But not to save camera position or orientation.
I know this isn’t what is intended with sketchup, but it’s what i’ve found works best for me.

Thanks for your assistance i really do appreciate it.

Not setting the Camera properties as part of the scenes has the potential to create huge amounts of extra work for you in LayOut, particularly if you have to go back to the SketchUp model to make edits.

You could likely reduce the number of scenes you need it you save camera position with them and control tag visibility by viewport in LO.

Something was changed in SketchUp 2022, that still would show as a difference for you going from 2021 to 2023. When in Parallel Projection Zoom Extents, and when orbiting, the camera is backed outwards to prevent clipping. If you have a use case for needing the camera to be in the middle of the geometry, facing a given direction, and with Parallel Projection turned on, you can still do that by using the Position Camera tool. Save the scene at that point, and don’t orbit or zoom extents after that.

For a case where you have a 2021 file that was working ok with LayOut, there is a Ruby script I put in this topic that will adapt the scenes so they still work:

That doesn’t help you though. If you could work in non-Ortho in LayOut, you could view from anywhere, but if you need Ortho, then the problem is that LayOut doesn’t have a Position Camera option.

I will tag @trent so that the LayOut team realize that the missing option means you’re going to have to stay with using 2021.

Thanks everyone for the help.

Looks like I’ll just have to live with it for now. Not the end of the world for me as i can still do everything i need to in 2021.

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