Layout 2022 - <PageCount>

Hello there,
I’m checking the new features on Layout 2022 to implement to our templates, great additions by the way looking forward to implementing them.

Unfortunately, I’m having issues with the “PageCount” Auto-text, not sure if I’m missing something.

The info in the release states we can select the start page, style and last page of range.

From the release:

< PageCount>
Complementing our existing < PageNumber> tag, < PageCount> displays the number of pages in a range you can define. With < PageCount>, users can specify the start page (where a particular range starts), character style, and the last page of the range. This feature is handy when developing an index or table of contents at the beginning of your LayOut document.

But the options I see only let me define the “start at”, “style”, and “start page”, there’s no “end page” like on the “PageNumber”.

How do we define the last page of the range for the < PageCount>?
i.e: How do we exclude the last 3 pages from being counted on?

This is how it looks on Windows.

I was expecting to find an option similar to the “end page” below, to specify where the range stops, so further pages are not counted.

Context on our use case:
We leave a few pages at the end of the set for future reference that are not part of the main set but will be in the future (we can not delete them and I rather not take them out of the current set to simplify things).

A workaround, we could use is moving the unused pages to the beginning of the set but won’t be practical and will be odd to start with pages we are not using at the moment.
I also tried setting the “start at” with a negative number to compensate for the unused pages at the end but it doesn’t accept that either.

Any ideas on how we can use that feature?


We will need a hotfix, probably…

This is the answer. On Windows, we messed up and exposed end page for PageNumber instead of PageCount auto-text tags. Oops! We will be fixing this in the next release.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Next release (or hotfix) is current!
Check for an update and see if it works, now!

Alas, we’re methodical about releases, and spend some amount of time testing what we will release. If Adam said two days ago that he knows about the problem, that doesn’t mean it is in today’s update.

But, I am very happy if I am wrong about that!

This has been sorted in the latest release :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, Just checked and is working now. Thanks