Layout 2022 Not Remembering Panel Configuration In Custom Trays

In LO 2021 I have custom trays that contained panels.

The configuration of the panels would be remembered session to session, in a Drawing tray Shape was before Colors, panels in other trays would always expanded way down the screen… on so on.

I’ve replicated this in 2022, but panels are being ‘reset’ to a minimum height and in the Drawing tray Colors is swapping position with Shape.

2022 installed by right clicking and running as administrator.

Thanks for reporting this; we were attempting to fix a bug that causes trays to be re-ordered if you use shortcuts with them. I will post an update when we identify and investigate other issues like these that we are considering fixing sooner rather than later.

Hi paul.mcalenan, would you mind attaching a before and after shot of the positions of your trays? I want to make sure I am understanding the issue clearly.

Thank you

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