LAYOUT 2021 Renders Hybrid with black patches

Hi ,
Anyone have any advise on how to render a SU file inserted into Layout without encountering black patches on certain areas on Section models in Hybrid mode? Changing to Raster and everything is fine.
I have tried changing the Section Cuts in Sketchup (moving the cut ,checking the cut planes etc ) but the problem persists.

Can you share a LayOut file that exhibits this issue?

Hi DaveR,
Here is the link to the SU file. Its the Section BB.

How about sharing your LO file so we can see what you are seeing there?

Here you go with a snapshot of the “black rendered space”…the top of the staircase at the atrium.

Hi Dave,
Any insight to the ‘black patches hybrid render” ?

Not yet. I’ve been looking at it as my time allows. I do see quite a bit of improper tag usage (edges and faces not untagged) and a load of unused stuff in the SketchUp model.

It might be that @adam would have some thoughts.

Hi Dave,
I figured it out. It was a TAG that was assigned to wall at the back of the Atrium , I assigned the same TAG as the wall on the Main level to the wall above and it works!!!
So the lesson to me is that I’ve got to be more disciplined when it comes to assigning TAGS . SU is so intuitive that I tend to rush through the model and then bear the consequences…thanks for your time anyway.
I cleaned up the model with TOMTOM’s Clean3 BTW. All good.

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