Layout losing model color

My layout file keeps dispplaying incorrect color of my models. In the model view things look correct, but in layout sections of the model show a different color or no color. It makes the drawing very confusing to read. See images below:

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got. From what little we can see in your images, it looks like you have Z-fighting going on because your model is drawn as 2D shapes in the same plane.

Siprelle_Library-Kitchen.layout (590.0 KB)

Does this look like what you want?

Yes, exactly. The section should just show the proper colors of the actual model as you have there. How did you get there?

Rendered it as Hybrid instead of Vector.

You’ve still got the incorrect tag usage thing going.

Screenshot - 2_11_2021 , 1_34_55 PM

Okay okay okay. How do I fix the tags issue exactly?
And how do I get the background to disappear when I render as hybrid? The background dialogue box doesnt seem to work when in hybrid mode.
Thanks for all the help Dave

Set Untagged as active again. Pencil to Untagged. (And never change that again.) Then you could open each component/group for editing and select the geometry inside. Change the tag association back to Untagged in Entity Info. Or you can use an Extension from the venerable TIG called Default Tag Geometry which is available from Sketchucation. It will go through the model quickly and reset all the geometry back to Untagged for you.

Edit the style in the model to get rid of the sky and change the background color to white. Save the changes and update the reference. I did that in the attached.
Siprelle_Library-Kitchen.layout (702.1 KB)