Layout 2021.1.332 crashing on launch in Windows 11

Crash happens only when launching a program without a file (via desktop / taskbar/ start menu shortcuts). Splash screen loads normally, then UI appears (menu bar, borders, empty window, tray) for a second and disappears.
If Layout is opened via clicking any .layout file, it loads normally.
Tried reinstalling SketchUp, updaging Nvidia drivers, also choosing integrated video card.

Problem solved by changing startup options.

In Edit > Preferences > Startup I chose “Don’t open anything” ir “Create a blank new document”. After a few days I was able to switch those options back to “Welcome window” and “Prompt for template” without crashing. Immediately after changing and few restarts, the issue came back.

Might be worth noting, that I used additional templates folder before, which was shared by Nextcloud (not as virtual files though), and contained unicode characters. It never caused problems before updating to Windows 11.
Yet removing those template folders from Layout did not solve the crashing issue.

Cloud usage for storing files is the root of many issues, among them is files are not able to be opened. The best practice is to save the file to a local drive, then upload it to the cloud. When reopening the file, download it to a local drive then open it. Templates should never be stored in the cloud, always on a local drive.

Agree. Yet in this case templates were saved on local drive as normal files, only synced with server. Also, removing template folder from LayOut settings did not solve the crashing, at least immediately.
What was the actual remedy is still unclear, as it came to effect only after multiple restarts.

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