LayOut 2020 export DWG

Hello, I would like a help with exporting LayOut files to DWG.

I am facing problems with positioning the viewports within the DWG that was generated by LayOut.

  1. In skp file is assigned to different layers (tags) for each component (such as walls, doors, furniture).
  2. In LayOut file, it is necessary to work with different styles for each of the Layers, therefore, create different viewports in LayOut and as an overlap, in each enabled viewport only one layer that you want and work in the style. To generate PDF is perfect.
  3. Horewer, it is also necessary to export this page in the DWG to forward to other items that do not use LayOut. When I do this and open the DWG file in Autocad, as the page’s Viewports is no longer on top of others. What happens is generated next to the others.

Then, move the job of moving each viewport manually in Autocad to position on the first one, doing this several times for each sheet that exports DWG.

I have already spoken with SU support and inform me about normal behavior.

I need help with whether there is a way to automate that workflow manually moved to each viewport.


Lucas Brizolla