LayOut 2020 Crashing- How to fix bad reference

Hello- I am using Layout 2020 Pro on a Mac/ Big Sur 11.4 and can’t open a few of my files. I have done some searching and think my problem is that I copied and pasted some layout viewports to the main file because I couldn’t figure out how to link a second file. Now I can’t get the file to open at all. How do I correct the bad references without being able to open the file?

I can open Layout if I create a new file through the Sketchup button.

Thanks for any help!

check the References: [menu] File > Document Setup
Insert other SketchUp files (and all other insertable content) via [menu] File > Insert
or reattach an existing viewport via the relink button:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for that- how do I get into the file to change it if it won’t open in Layout? Is there a way to do it from the dominant sketchup file?


Oh, you can’t open it at all?
The .layout file is actually just a compressed file, if you rename it from .layout to .zip, you can open in (duplicate the original, first)
The files are embedded in the ‘ref’ folder, but the refenceses itself are defined in ‘reference.xml’.
Maybe, you can delete certain references, select all files in the unzipped folder and zip them again.
Then rename from .zip to .layout and try to open it.

use at own risc!

Oh boy, I’ll try! I don’t understand why it won’t open at all. I feel like it did the other day but maybe I didn’t shut myself completely out of it. Layout keeps crashing on me in general lately.

Of course, you could always upload a rogue file here and see if others have the same problem.

Just a wacky idea.