Layout 2017 missing 'Shape Style' Window

Can anyone help?

When I click to open the ‘Shape Style’ Window in Layout 2017 it does not open up, although the scroll down menu has it ticked as open. The window bar isn’t even visible on the page, it’s disappeared completely. I really need to use it right now so if anyone can trouble shoot this for me that would be great!

Melody, Did you resolve the problem “When I click to open the ‘Shape Style’ Window in Layout 2017”. I’m having the same problem.

How about a screen shot of exactly what you do see when you have the Shape Style window open?

You could try Window->New Tray and add Shape Style to the 2nd Tray, and keep going while to try to figure out the issue.

Thank you for responding Dave,
After I cleared the screen of all other applications and distractions to take a screen shop, I noticed the top of the Shape Style window tucked away at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Take Care

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Try “Window/ Arrange Panels” (On Mac) when you lose your trays. Works great.