Layout 2017 crash on load

2017 crashes on load
Sent in BugSplat

There have been some significant graphics pipeline changes in SU17…

Did you try running Checkup 2017 to check with issues with your computer?

Have you updated your graphics driver?

Everything is up to date

Did SketchUp 2016 run OK with Hardware Acceleration enabled?

Checkup passed

2016 ran fine with standard setup

We need more. There aren’t many reports around here about LayOut crashing. Driver directly from AMD? Around here, we’re a little iffy about AMD due to their iffy support of OpenGL. So I want to make sure… Try an older driver if the latest is crappy? Can readily rollback drivers. Start > Control Panel > Device Manager > Display adapter > r-click on card, Properties > Roll back driver.

Can you upload your Checkup log for the development team to examine? Note it’s the beginning of a holiday week shortly after version release, so it may take some time to examine stuff…

amd upgrade…wacked my monitors. nothing works now…thanks 2017 is bogus. shut me down

totally unstable release.

You can roll back your driver. Start > Control panel > Device manager > display adaptor > r-click on your card > Properties > Roll back driver. If a driver update wacks out things that bad, there’s something going on. LIke the spec of the CPU may not support a newer graphics driver update.

It may be unless you can find a suitable driver, your current system may not support SU17 Pro. It’s not time to throw in the towel. It’s a balancing game. Review 2017 not launching and its attached links. System requirements have changed to run the latest version of this software.

Windows has all updates installed. Updated AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series cards and have gotten back all monitors. Layout continues to crash on load.

Here is my nfo file

CurrentSysInfo.nfo.txt (2.6 MB)

I see you found @trent request for system info from LayOut failure. You should have mentioned you got a nice, juicy bug splat. Hopefully that included contact info.

Being the start of a holiday week, response time may be slow from the SU team.

Hi Peter, your crash appears to be a different one than graphics card related. Please delete your .plo files contained in …\users.…\AppData\Raoming\Sketchup\Sketchup 2017\LayOut folder then restart LayOut.

Also, are you able to open SketchUp 2017 or is this just related to LayOut?


I will delete those tonight…sketchup works fine but I have not pushed it
with any bog jobs.

Peter F Anthony


The plo files corrected the crash. So you have to rebuild the custom
interface and cannot move 2016 to 2017.

Best Regards,
Peter F. Anthony
Professional Building Designer
AIBD 1995

Hi Peter, yea migration we know can be a problem.

I am glad you are no longer seeing the crash.