Layout 2017 constantly not responding

I have designed a steel frame warehouse in skecthup, I am now trying to put it into layout but it is always either not responding for 5 mins or it will crash?

You haven’t given us much to go on and your profile is lacking in useful information about your computer. Please fill out the IT question with the operating system and what your graphics card is.

Did you install SketchUp correctly? If it’s on a PC that means you right clicked on the installer file and chose Run as administrator.

Is your graphics card up to the task of running SketchUp and LayOut 2017 properly? Are the drivers up to date?

How are you putting your model into LayOut?

When, exactly, does it show “Not Responding”?

How big is the SketchUp file? Maybe you could share it so we can try inserting it into LO to see what behavior we see.

What rendering type are you selecting?

Does this happen with other SketchUp models?

thanks dave

i have now found myself a new pc, how do i transfer the licensed version of skecthup pro to the new pc i have ?


First, find the e-mail containing the license information that was sent to you. Then In SketchUp, go to the Help menu and choose License. Click Remove License. Download and install SketchUp on the new computer. Make sure you install it correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator from the Context menu. When SketchUp opens asking for the license info, enter it from the e-mail.

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