Laying out an area to a desired size


Looking for instructions or a tutorial for what we think must be a basic function of SketchUp to begin design work.

We need to layout an area of 2 acres in a particular shape to begin design work for a memorial site. How can we specify a shape and size for the layout to begin doing the design of the contents on the site. Is there a way to drag points on the layout to get the shape we need?

Thank you!



What information do you have about the site? You can draw a shape based on that information. You can move endpoints around if needed. If you have typical survey data, use 2DXY SiteSurvey tools which is available in the Extension Warehouse.


This might help you … help me.

I have added a geo-location from google earth. There is a specific area, shape and amount of land that I need to start with. While I can use the polygon feature in google earth Pro to lay it out on google earth, I would like to do the same with Sketchup after i have the geolocation imported to Sketchup.

Drawing a vector polyline it seems , that I could drag to shape and size would do it so long as I can measure the area.

Thank you


So use Get Location to import the area into SketchUp. Use SketchUp’s drawing tools to trace out the plot of land. You can move the edges or corners if needed to modify the shape and Entity Info will display the area of the selected face.